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Our Services

You don’t have to stay stuck in a rut. Attend our training summits, sign up for our courses or hire Millicent as a training consultant to learn how you can command the corporate classroom to an expert level, and move past seemingly obstacles to successfully move int a career in training and development. 

To further your development, we offer:

  • Keynote Speaking
  • Online Courses
  • Training Consultation Services
  • Training Summits and Group Coaching

Our new online course Upgrade from a Rumble to a Roar will be launching soon.  So please keep checking this website for updates.

Career Develoment Topics

Millicent has created fun, interactive, transformative programs to help companies improve employee engagement and have happier employees by aligning their sense of purpose with their role at work.

  • What (or Who) Are You Waiting On?
  • Launch Your New Career into Corporate Training, When You Don't Know Where to Start
  • Transform a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset
  • Startup or Corporate?

"Millicent helped me gain the confidence and tools I needed to shift careers and land my dream job in training and development. "
Renee O. 

Inspirational Topics

Make your next conference or corporate event a special one by booking Millicent as your speaker.

  • What Are You Really Running From?
  • Life by Design, not Default: Upgrade Your Friendships
  • Raise your Relational IQ

"She is a triple threat speaker. Authentic. Inspirational. Ends on-time"
Bryan Flanagan
Sales Ambassador
Zig Ziglar, Inc. 

"Millicent is a professional...expectation-exceeding...and encourager with a gift of communication. She speaks with that perfect combination of approachability and finesse."
Dr. Sandra Glahn
Convention Chair, Evangelical Press Association